Marion Gilmour - Piano/Clarinet Tutor

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Marion Gilmour is a Clarinet and Piano teacher at the Bishopbriggs School of Music.
Marion’s first study instrument is Clarinet, and she has been playing both Clarinet and
Piano for over 20 years – achieving Grade 7 in Piano and Grade 8 in Clarinet both
with distinction. Furthermore, she has experience of performing and teaching many of
the popular classroom instruments, such as Guitar, Ukulele, Voice and Drumkit.

Marion recently graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a Bachelorof Education in Music with Honours degree and has since embarked on her NQT yearteaching full-time within the Performing Arts department at Bishopbriggs Academy.In her spare time, Marion enjoys running extra-curricular activities such as WindEnsemble, Clarinet Quartet and Choir. Marion loves seeing people go from strength tostrength and seeks to encourage anyone to embrace new opportunities throughlearning an instrument; it’s a pathway in which we can escape from the stresses ofeveryday life and express ourselves in a way other than words.Marion enjoyed participating in the Ayrshire Music Festival whilst throughout herPrimary and Secondary School years and she has played in various bands, orchestras,and choirs such as Ayrshire Symphony Orchestra, West of Scotland School’s ConcertBand (WSSCB) and Ayrshire Voices.

To book Marion for piano/clarinet lessons please contact Lee on

0141 772 4333