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Hao Lin


Lin Hao is a Chinese classical pianist and a scholar currently pursuing his Bachelor of Music with Honours in Piano Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He is a well-rounded musician who has received professional musical training from China, United States and United Kingdom. Starting his musical training at the age of three in China, he shuttled between conservatoires in Shanghai, Beijing and Fujian regularly for lessons before earning a spot at the Idyllwild Arts Academy in California. During his three years in California, he actively participated in piano competitions and festivals such as MTNA Competitions for Performance YOUNG, Atlantic Music Festival in Maine, and the Brevard Musical Festival in North Carolina. Hao is currently under the tutelage of Aaron Shorr and Sinae Lee at the RCS, and previously studied with Dr. Doug Ashcraft (U.S) Dr, Jeanette Louise Yaryan (U.S) and Hui Cao (Central Conservatory of Music). 

Aside from being a regular performer on stage, Hao is also an accompanist for vocal performance classes at the RCS and is also an experienced bilingual piano teacher in both Chinese and English. Back home in China, he has experience teaching children from ages 4-20 and is currently still working as a visiting advisor for music college application. In the States, he worked as a supporting tutor at the Idyllwild Arts Summer Programme for piano beginners. Hao looks forwards to bringing his experiences and well-rounded education into his piano teaching with his students, and hopes that they will find music learning an enjoyable and valuable process! 


作为一名成熟的钢琴演奏家,林灏目前就读于苏格兰皇家音乐学院荣誉学士学位。他在分别在中国,美国和英国接受过专业的钢琴学习。他从三岁开始在中国学习钢琴,初中起在北京和上海等地与上海音乐学院,中央音乐学院的不同的老师学习。他在中国的老师主要指导老师是中央音乐学院钢琴副教授曹慧。之后,林灏考取了美国加州艾迪怀德艺术高中,师从Doug Ashcraft博士和Jeanette Louise Yaryan博士。在美三年的学习中,他先后参加了各类比赛和音乐节,包括美国MTNA音乐教师协会钢琴大赛,大西洋国际音乐节,布里瓦德夏季音乐节等。在,目前林灏师从苏格兰皇家音乐学院钢琴系主任Aaron Shorr 和Sinae Lee教授。


To book Hao for piano lessons please contact Lee on 0141 772 4333

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