Lydia Honey - Vocals/Piano


Lydia Honey currently studies vocal performance under the tutelage of Metropolitan and Bayreuth opera singers at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Learning music in a variety of languages and period styles has given Lydia a very refined ear, enabling her to teach many musical genres to a very high level. 

Having studied piano as a second study at the RCS, Lydia feels it is important to also teach aspiring singers to learn piano and theory alongside their vocal journey. 


Lydia is active in her musical career, having performed recently with RSNO for a BBC broadcast, but she feels it of equal importance to pass on her knowledge of music to the next generation and give back to her roots. Her experience and passion for music means she is a very versatile, enthusiastic and compassionate teacher.

To book lessons with Lydia please contact Lee on 0141 772 4333