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BSM MasterClass

We are really excited to bring our amazing students a brand new FREE series, BSM Masterclasses. Over the coming months, we want to give you access to some amazing EXCLUSIVE content on a wide range of Music - and Music related - subjects. We will list the upcoming classes here and they will take place via a special ZOOM call, with private access for everyone who registers below. 

Just fill out the form and the link and password will be sent directly to you. You will access the Zoom call the same way you access your BSM ZOOM PLUS Lessons. We hope you will join us. 

Movie & Video Game Soundtrack's
(PART 1)
DATE: Sunday 31st January 
TIME: 11.00am. (30 mins)
TUTOR: Idafe Bautista 
Whats it About? 
Idafe, will introduce the students to the world of movie and video game soundtracks to explain the importance of motivs and how to identify them.  It will increase the student's awareness of all the information hidden in this sort of music and its relation with the image. It will be an exciting take on "music theory." 
This will be a two-part MasterClass. 
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