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Dear Parent/Student,

Our exclusive partnership with RSL for their Learning Platform App - showing amazing returns and added value already for the development of students. However, in truth like any new endeavor, it’s not without its issues. We are working hard every day with our development team to sort these challenges out.


We appreciate the incredible feedback we have received already and the ideas of how to improve things. Everything is conveyed to RSL.


The real-world benefits to our students are multifaceted and tangible.


  • Easily interact with the tutor before and after the lesson.

  • Improved memory retention

  • Improved motor function and muscle memory due to increased time with grade material

  • Easily add and execute on any homework or rehearsing exam material

  • Faster learning

  • More fun - recording your homework both on video and/or audio.

  • Slow the music down and focus on specific areas of the piece.

  • And many many more.


We are the only Music School worldwide with this partnership and are proud of all our students who make Bishopbriggs School of Music the envy of many across the U.K.


We have created a number of helpful video tutorials for you available here at:


If you need further information or want to ask anything please contact us on 0141 772 4333 and we will be delighted to help out.


Best wishes

Peter and Lee.


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