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Call to book your place today > 0141 772 4333

We are delighted to offer a brand new course at Bishopbriggs School of Music, ‘Music Theory.’

This will be a stand alone course and if you join today we will guarantee that you will be ready to take your exams in November.


1/ UCAS Points after Grade 5 - These points can be allocated to any University Course.

2/ Improves Cognitive Functions - as well as improving memory learning music can also develop verbal fluency, information processing skills, and other cognitive functions.

3/ Better Health & Relieve Stress - An especially relevant benefit in these lockdown days.

4/ Builds Confidence - when you develop your musical skills and pull off a performance, you will feel a whole lot better about yourself. And the best thing is, you will bring that confidence into other areas of your life.

5/ Enhances Creativity - Music lets you “look beyond what currently exists and express yourself in a new way,” according to Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. It is no surprise that research has shown that numerous successful people studied music at one point in their lives.

6/ Fun - Last but definitely not least, playing music is fun.

It starts with a sense of achievement, and then it becomes a whole confidence thing when you play for others. It becomes utter enjoyment when you play with others.

Make the call today and take your musical journey to a whole new level - 0141 772 4333.

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