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Music: From the Process to the Final Product (OPINION)

By Bogdan Jeler ( Piano/Flute Tutor - Bishopbriggs School of Music)

In a world increasingly focused on end products, image, and fast-forwarding through most parts of one’s life, creative artists are in a special line of work. However, they may find it more and more difficult to keep up with the high demand of output although their output is more significant in the long-term.

The artistic field is one in which reaching the final product takes way longer than other fields and it is often the result of several collaborations. The beauty of it? People spend their lives with, in, or around the final product. Whether we are talking about music, architecture, design, visual arts or any other artistic field, the completion of a project can take anything between a week and a few months to complete, if not more. Of course, most professional orchestras often do not rehearse for more than a week for a concert, there simply isn’t enough time. But the work that each musician has to put in to be even in said orchestra takes thousands of hours, spent over years of training.