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We want to thank every single student who has continued with their lessons - and we welcome those new students who have joined us - via online tutoring. We mentioned recently that we would let you know as soon as we could the way forward with everyone who is sitting exams.

We have just got some great news from Trinity College London; they will shortly be rolling out a digital assessment alternative to the ‘in-person’ exams.

This will require each student to record and upload a video of their performance pieces. These videos will be put in front of an examination panel who will assess the performance pieces of the graded exam and will thereafter issue the candidate with a mark and comments.

As soon as our school premises re-open our students will be able to complete their qualification by taking their technical tests in a short, live exam. They will then be awarded their full exam qualification and hard copy certificate.

The exact time frame is yet to be released, however, as soon as we have been furnished with the specific information to move forward we will organise with parents and students to get their pieces recorded, then subsequently submitted.

More information will be coming soon.

Stay safe and healthy.

Lee & Peter


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