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Please fill in the form below for a holiday request outside of the Music School Holidays this should also be done in conjunction with a call to Lee on 07483 941520. Please remember the following:

  • It is the tutor's responsibility to get the days covered not the Management of the Music School

  • The tutor that is to cover your holiday MUST come and shadow your lesson the week before

  • The cover tutor must have full access to the Learning Platform, Progress Sheets, Attendance sheets, and a full explanation of how the system works. 

  • The tutor must make sure that the Management team has the name, telephone number, email, and photograph of the Cover Tutor - PLEASE NOTE: This is not necessary if the Cover Tutor is a BSM tutor. 

  • You must add your name, date, and who is covering you to the whiteboard in the Main Office.

  • If you fail to get a Cover Tutor your lessons will be canceled and you will be liable for Room Rent.

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