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Guitar Lesson


“Notes and chords have become my second language and, more often than not, that vocabulary expresses what I feel when language fails me.” SLASH


“Great management team and tutors. Set up so well post lockdown to keep everyone safe. My son loves his lessons . A fantastic music school”


Dear Music Student,


If you want to learn to play the guitar like a pro musician, so much so that your friends and family are blown away when you play or maybe you can join that cool band, or start your own? Then I am so glad you clicked the link to come to this page.


My name is Katee Kross, and my Dad, Peter O’Neil is the one who started the journey of that led to the Bishopbriggs School of Music over 25years ago. Music has always been important in my family, ever since I was a child, I remember my mum and dad telling me stories about all those parties when it was as The Big Yin, Billy Connolly, would say, “one singer, one song.” It was a Great Uncle of mine who used to play the guitar at these events or on our annual family holidays in Ayr.  My dad still tells fond stories about how he could play anything from just listening to a record once. He was a real guitar hero, to my dad anyway. He begged his Uncle to teach him and he tried. In truth, he only taught him a few chords, but it was a start. More importantly, he was hooked. I will let my dad tell you the rest of the story….


Fast forward 30yrs, I still loved to play and sing. I even had various people try and teach me, but in truth, it always seemed so boring and without any structure. My career was going great until an industrial accident left me with life-changing injuries and I was left unable to continue in my role at work. Things got bad, really bad. But two things got me through, my family and playing music.


After much soul searching I decided to start teaching the guitar. It took a bit of time to get going, but my first lesson took place in a converted garden shed, not one of your fancy man caves, however, more like a regular tool shed. It was small, but it was a start.


Things were slow to start but my goal was always to deliver the best guitar lessons anyone had ever received. It was not long until I realised that students want to learn for a  myriad of different reasons and that we all learn at different speeds and ways. I needed a real teaching system, but everything I looked at was very traditional and inflexible. I spent days and weeks looking at how I could develop a system to give every person who walked through the shed door the very best learning experience.  Some of my friends said I was a “dreamer’ others tried to talk me out of it, saying it was too hard to work out or that each person is so different, it can’t be done.


And there were days, trust me when I thought, are they right? Then after a lot of late nights, early mornings and a tonne of trial and error…I finally developed a ‘secret teaching system’. And everything changed. However, I needed a test subject for the system, someone that I could study and analyse for even small changes. It just so happened, that Katee showed some interest in the guitar, the was all I needed. Step forward test subject number 1, ‘Katee Kross.’


I used this “teaching system” to quickly catapult me from the garden shed into new premises to accommodate more students and eventually more tutors. This journey eventually led us to build the best independent music school in Scotland which accommodates over 350 students, and 14 tutors teaching 11 musical disciplines.


The journey has been varied and not without its challenges - including COVID - but the foundation will always be built upon this teaching system. I’ve successfully deployed the teaching system in pretty much every musical discipline you can imagine, from guitarist to singers, pianists, drummers, bass players… It simply works. And now everyone here at the Bishopbriggs School of Music wants to help you. You can benefit from this unique teaching system and move towards the guitarist that you have always wanted to become.


This isn't some airy-fairy theory, rather a street-tested method used over the past 25yrs of teaching, that works to produce musicians who love to play. The benefits of learning music have been established by academics and scientists alike. Increased motivation, improved mental health, even in this new COVID world, and a competitive advantage regardless of your career. We have taught top surgeons, lawyers, academics and students who have gone on to make music as a career, went to the best music universities/conservatoire’s and Universities.


You see, I've learned everything I know from hardcore, in-the-trenches experience, and that's why I'm paying it forward to music students like you so you can reach success faster and enjoy developing your musical potential.



But I fully appreciate that you are likely skeptical, as the internet is full of phony “guitar heroes” who sell you nothing more than empty promises – so I don’t expect you to blindly take my word…… Instead here are some comments from our students and their parents:



"Amazing music school! Me and my children feel like we're part of a big beautiful family, where everybody knows and supports everyone around. The progress of my children is very obvious, in less than a year and they are always looking forward for the next session. Their teachers are very supportive, helpful and kind. Always recommend.”


“Great school. Excellent, friendly, patient, and encouraging tutors.”


“Fantastic Peter and Lee. I honestly can't thank you enough for being so forward thinking in your approach.”


“Omg this is great! U guys have thought of everything . I know some people will think it is over the top but if you live with a vulnerable person this kind of thing is appreciated Very well done.”


“A fab team and great music school.”


“Great school. Excellent, friendly, patient, and encouraging tutors.”


“You’re doing an amazing job.”


“Welcoming atmosphere, excellent tuition and friendly staff.”


“My grand-daughter has come on so well and loves attending her music class. She is a leftie and this makes it harder for both her and her tutor. Congratulations on your continued success.”


“Great place, my daughter really enjoying her lessons.”


“Thanks guys. Keep up the amazing work!!!”


“Daughters been going for a month now learning drums and she's really enjoying it.”


“Well done. You have been brilliant throughout and reassuringly covid saga.”


“Good news thanks for all the measures you have taken. The gold standard.”


“So glad the lessons will continue, it's a good half hour where Megs gets to unwind and relax in her busy schedule so good job guys.”


“Thank you. You're so organised despite setbacks and it's been great to have one consistent activity for the kids all year.



Listen, we don’t want to wastes your time, we want success for you, we want you to be super successful learning the guitar. You will get actionable strategies that you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically accelerate your learning. Let me pass you back to Katee…





Our teaching culture is built upon our unique teaching system and we have called it ‘The 4 P’s Cycle of Learning.’ They are:


  • Passion

  • Practise

  • Progression

  • Performance.   


It was this system that lead me to play guitar in front of thousands of people at Wembley Arena, writing and producing 4 critically acclaimed albums and teaching since I was 16 years old. This system creates the framework for our student-led approach, it finds the right pace for you to learn, with specific targets either through board-certified exams including the renowned RockSchool exams syllabus or agreed areas of development and individual student targets.


We know it can be daunting to start a brand new musical skill or find the right tutor to develop your current passion for playing the guitar.


However with the Bishopbriggs School of Music and our teaching systems, you can throw those concerns away, and with confidence knowing you are making the right decision to join the right Music School.




We use innovative and integrated technology solutions that work in synchronicity with ‘The 4 P’s Cycle of Learning System’  to further motivate and develop YOUR drum playing skills, including the leading RSL Learning Platform, Online learning portals for sharing musical pieces or videos, and our unique BSM Zoom Plus Experience.




But above all the bells and whistles - as great as they are -  you have to enjoy the process and you must see results. That’s what to is all about. Bishopbriggs School of Music will help you achieve all of this and more.


Your sense of achievement in learning the guitar, the self-confidence you will create, and the growth you will experience, will be amazing.


The learning system we have developed will always have you at the centre of our innovative approach.


So if you want to learn the guitar the right way, the best way, then Bishopbriggs School of Music is right for you!




You can leverage this powerful step-by-step ‘learning system’ to learn guitar by filling in the form above or by contacting us on 0141 772 4333 or by buying your lessons below and we will contact you to get an available time for your lessons to start.


At the very least, please take 20 seconds and fill out the form today.


Then one of our team will contact you.


We can’t wait to welcome you to the Bishopbriggs School of Music.

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